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Arbitration Program

The Exchange's arbitration program provides a relatively quick and cost-efficient forum for the resolution of controversies among CHX Participants and associated persons, as well as, complaints by customers, and non-participants against Participants and their associated persons.

Disputes arising out of the general course of business conducted by the parties may be brought to arbitration. Cases involving employment discrimination or sexual harassment may be resolved through CHX arbitration only after the claim has been previously filed in another forum and the parties have subsequently agreed to arbitration. Rules governing arbitration are found in Article 14. CHX’s Schedule of Fees is referenced online in CHX Article 14, Rule 2, Section 30.

Based upon the parties involved in an arbitration case, claims are heard and decided by the CHX Committee on Exchange Procedure or by a Panel of impartial arbitrators. The resolution of all Exchange arbitration claims is binding and final.

To initiate a CHX arbitration proceeding, the following documentation is required:

  • A completed Uniform Submission Agreement;
  • A Statement of Claim, which must specify the relevant facts and the remedies sought; and 
  • A non-refundable deposit in the appropriate amount

Uniform Submission Agreements can be printed from the following locations:

CHX Arbitration decisions that were issued in the past ten years are available online.