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How CHX SHARE® Works

How can CHX Participants benefit?

The SIPs make quarterly payments of Market Data Revenue to CHX and the other NMS plan participants. During the third month of each calendar quarter (once all required data from the preceding calendar quarter has been obtained), CHX computes each CHX Participant’s contribution to both CHX’s Quote and Trade Revenue. A portion of CHX’s Market Data Revenue is then allocated among CHX Participants based on each CHX Participant’s contribution.

A CHX Participant’s allocated portion must be $500 or more for the calendar quarter in order to benefit from the CHX SHARE® program. CHX SHARE funds are first applied to the Participant’s current CHX invoice. If additional CHX SHARE funds remain allocated for a CHX Participant, CHX issues a check to the Participant. Those receiving such an allocation experience a lower cost of doing business at CHX. In some cases, CHX SHARE may completely offset any CHX fees owed by a CHX Participant to CHX.

Whether CHX SHARE offsets CHX fees or results in a net positive revenue stream from CHX, this program may contribute significantly to your bottom line.

More details about CHX SHARE can be found in CHX’s Fee Schedule.