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Current Directors

Board Of Directors of CHX Holdings, Inc. and The Chicago Stock Exchange, Inc.

Charles A. Rogers 

Lois A. Scott 
Vice Chairman

John K. Kerin
Chief Executive Officer

Term Expires 2018

Mary Lou Giustini
Invessence, Inc.

Kruno Huitzingh
InVerity, LLC

Maryann A. Waryjas
Herc Holdings Inc. (NYSE: HRI)  and Herc Rentals Inc.

Ryan Peterson (STP)
Cheevers & Company, a division of Penserra Securities, LLC

Term Expires 2019 

Chad Bluett (STP)
Dougall & Associates

Charles A. Rogers
Retired Chief Regulatory Officer, NASDAQ OMX PHLX

Lois A. Scott
Epoch Advisors

Term Expires 2020

Matthew Lavicka (STP)
Goldman, Sachs & Co.